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Lemon Cloud Bread Donuts

These Lemon Cloud Bread Donuts are gluten-free and offer and light and airy healthier alternative to traditional donuts.

Cloud Bread Donuts

Hi Friends!

Happy New Year to you!  I am incredibly excited to see what 2017 has in store!

I created this recipe for Lemon Cloud Bread Donuts back in the fall and was saving it for a special something, I just didn't know what.  On New Years Day as I was reflecting on 2016, I realized it was time to share the recipe because it represented a life event that occurred in 2016.  Unfortunately, in the fall I experienced a miscarriage around eight to nine weeks of pregnancy.  Perhaps I will share more of that journey in a future blog post.

How do the donuts tie into all of this you may ask?  Well, during that time I used my kitchen as an outlet to help relieve some pain and sadness.  Following the miscarriage, I spent the next several days enjoying uninterrupted time in the kitchen creating blog recipes. And I have to say these recipe creations were some of my finest!  I am so thankful for my family and co-workers who allowed me to have this time. This recipe for Lemon Cloud Bread Donuts was one of those creations.  Every time I look at this recipe I think of that curative time I spent in the kitchen - the much needed time to mourn the loss and take the next step forward in life.

To change the tone a bit I want to talk more about these delicious donuts!  In case you haven't noticed from my Instagram account or other blog posts I LOVE donuts.  Anytime I go on vacation one of the first things I do is look for the best local donut spot.  Back at home, I like to find healthier ways to enjoy my favorite treat.  In today's recipe, I decided to combine the trendy cloud bread idea with my love for donuts to create these Lemon Cloud Bread Donuts. Make sure to check out some of my other cloud recipes too - Cloud Bread Pizzas, Garlic Cloud Breadsticks, or Cloud Bread Avocado Toast.

The light and airy donuts offer an angel food cake consistency with a slightly sweetened lemon flavor. The first time around making the recipe I didn't think to add the lemon flavor, but it was a game changer for sure. The lemon offered a refreshing flavor with a hint of extra sweetness.  The donuts were drizzled with a small amount of a powdered sugar glaze.  Given the airy consistency of the donuts it is important to keep the glaze to a minimum.  Don't be deceived by the donuts flat appearance, they are certainly a delicious healthier alternative to the traditional donut!

Here is a to a healthier 2017!

Your Family's Dietitian,

Lemon Cloud Bread Donuts

by Kristen Smith
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 23-28 minutes

Ingredients (10 donuts)
    • 1/8 teaspoon nutmeg
    • 1 tbsp honey
    • 3 eggs
    • 3 tablespoons cream cheese, softened
    • 1 tsp lemon juice
    • 1 tsp lemon zest
    • 1/2 cup confectioners sugar
    • 1 tbsp milk (of choice)
    1. Preheat oven to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Line two cookie sheets with non-stick Silpat sheets or spray with non-stick cooking spray.
    2. Use an egg separator to separate eggs (making sure no yolk gets into whites)
    3. Pour egg whites into a medium bowl and add lemon juice. Use a mixer to beat mixture on high until a fluffy mixture with firm stiff peaks forms.
    4. In a separate bowl beat together the egg yolks, cream cheese, honey, and nutmeg together; once well-mixed stir in lemon zest
    5. Using a spatula carefully and gradually fold the egg yolk mixture into the fluffy egg white mixture.
    6. With a large spoon, scoop the mixture into 8-10 even rounds onto the cookie sheets. Use the back of the spoon to flatten the rounds to about a 3/4 inch thickness.
    7. Bake at 300 degrees Fahrenheit for about 25-28 minutes or until slightly browned
    8. Remove from oven and let cool for 5-10 minutes (the mini-rounds are very crumbly at first)
    9. Take a small round cookie cutter or bottle lid and press through center of each round to resemble a donut
    10. Whisk or stir together icing ingredients; drizzle over each donut (stick to a light drizzle as you don't want to weigh down donut).
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