Monday, November 14, 2016

Toddler Sweet Potato Toast

Excite your toddlers about one of the latest food trends while adding some veggies to their diet with this Toddler Sweet Potato Toast Recipe.

This blog post was written in partnership with Beech-Nut and my role as a Brand Ambassador.  I was compensated for this post.

Hi Friends!

Today I am going to share a glimpse of reality from this dietitian mom.

To all of those moms posting about how your two-year-old is requesting more broccoli, I envy you.  When we offer my toddler any type of vegetable, he insistently shakes his head no.  Perhaps I should be happy that accompanied with the head shake is a sweet little voice that says "no thank you, mommy"?  At least he has manners right?

While our little one has never been the biggest fan of all vegetables, a few short months ago he would eat some dishes with vegetables already included like mac and cheese with broccoli, or vegetable burgers.  Now he immediately picks out any minute piece of vegetable and refuses to eat any food that might have been located near on the plate.  And to think when he started solid foods I was convinced he wasn't picky!  It's crazy how much children can change during toddlerhood.

What is this dietitian mom to do with a picky eat who refuses vegetables?!

Cue the fruit and vegetable pouches, a guaranteed win with my toddler.

In our household pouches are used a few days a week to supplement our little one's diet.  We do continue to offer him plenty of whole fruit and vegetables to provide a variety of textures and flavors (and of note he does eat plenty of fruits).  Several research articles indicate repetitive and routine exposure to vegetables will increase a child's intake.

Today's recipe for Toddler Sweet Potato Toast combines food pouches with a solid vegetable to create a recipe that is sure to excite your little one about veggies.  Sweet potato toast is a hot trend in the nutrition world right now because it offers a low fat, vitamin packed, and sweet tasting substitution for bread.  While it doesn't really have a consistency or flavor resembling bread, it does offer another option to spread your peanut butter, egg, or yogurt on.

To make the Sweet Potato Toast, a sweet potato is sliced thin (typically 1/4 inch or thinner) and put in toaster.  After the sweet potato is slightly browned on both sides it can be removed from the toaster and cooled a bit.  Lastly you can add your favorite toppings. The sky is the limit for topping opportunities.  You can create savory toast with eggs or a sweeter toast the Greek yogurt and fruit.  Adding the toppings is a perfect step for the little ones to get involved in the preparation process.  Allow them to "decorate" (top) the toast as they please.

The Toddler Sweet Potato Toast in today's post was topped with plain Greek yogurt, Beech-Nut ColdPuree 100% Organic pouches, and different sprinkle worthy toppings (like cereal, dried foods, and dark chocolate).  Our household is a big fan of the Beech-Nut ColdPuree 100% Organic pouches because they are made from organic ingredients, lack any additives, and are pureed before cooking to minimize nutrition loss.  The cold puree process is unique to the brand.

I would love to hear if you have every tried Sweet Potato Toast!  If so what are your favorite toppings?


Your Family's Dietitian,

Toddler Sweet Potato Toast

by Kristen Smith
Prep Time: 5-10 minutes
Cook Time: 5 minutes

Ingredients (4-6 toasts)
  • 1 medium sweet potato
  • Plain Greek yogurt
  • Beech-Nut ColdPuree 100% Organic Pouches
  • Optional toppings: cereal, dried fruit, fresh fruit, chocolate pieces
1. Cut sweet potato lengthwise in 1/4 inch thick slices (Before I slice the sweet potato I like to microwave it for about 90 seconds to slightly soften and make easier to cut)
2. Place sweet potato slices in a toaster as you would with bread and toast on high. Check slices and if not slightly browned on both sides toast for additional time.
3. Once browned on both sides remove from toaster and let cool for a few minutes
4. Spread a layer of Greek yogurt on top of sweet potato. Squeeze food pouch on top and add other desired toppings.
5. For younger toddlers, you may want to cut toast in strips or squares.
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  1. Love the honesty Kristen - feeding toddlers is hard work and even RDs struggle with it. My girls are constantly changing their taste preferences and they're almost 5! (unfortunately for me I think it's the peer influence at this point). Keep on doing the great job you're doing feeding your little guy. And I love these toddler style sweet potato toasts! So clever and pretty!

  2. Such a cute idea for toddlers! We just missed the pouch trend with my daughter (she's 9) but I think they are so great!

    1. Thanks - yes definitely a great resource!

  3. That is adorable! What a great idea to get toddlers involved and fit so many healthy foods in one meal.

  4. So creative!! My 3 year old loves sweet potatoes, I have to try this sweet potato toast idea on him!

    1. Thanks! Sweet potatoe toast seems to be the trend these days!



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