Friday, December 4, 2015

5 Healthier Cookie Recipes

Learn how to give your favorite cookie recipe a healthy makeover. In honor of National Cookie Day, I share five of my favorite healthier cookie recipes.

Happy #NationalCookieDay!

I thought today would be a great opportunity to share some of my favorite healthier cookie recipes.  Since this blog's inception, I have enjoyed sharing healthy makeovers of my most-loved cookie recipes.  The method for the makeover has certainly varied greatly - from fat substitutions to flour-free cookies, I have tried it all.

Some may ask, why as a Registered Dietitian do I choose to bake?  Baking represents many things in my life.  Baking is a form of therapy and is good for my mental health.  As I spend time in the kitchen, the outside world vanishes and I enjoy mediation-like moments. Baking is a family tradition that holds a meaningful place in my heart. Growing up, during the holiday season, I spent numerous hours in the kitchen baking cookies with my grandmother and mother.  Baking allows me to expand on my creative skills.  I love the way baking can stimulate my senses and allow me to use various aspects of creativity.

As I continue to try and promote a healthier life for my family, baking will continue to be part of our lives due to the fulfillment it provides. I support the theory that all foods can fit into a healthy diet when balanced appropriately and portion control practiced.  In a few years, I hope to spend time in the kitchen with the little one sharing my passion of baking.

On this National Cookie Day check out some of my favorite healthier cookie recipes below!

1. Low Fat Chocolate Chip Cookies
Chocolate Chip Cookies are the gold standard of cookies and were thus one of the first cookies I gave a makeover.  By slightly reducing the sugar amount and substituting a portion of the fat with a fruit puree, you can have a healthier chocolate chip cookie. The end product will be perfect to pair with your favorite type of milk!

2. Low-Fat Chocolate Sugar Cookies
These chocolate flavored sugar cookies are topped with an icing made from fruit jam.  A portion of the fat is again substituted with a fruit puree.  The outcome is a delicious fruit flavored chocolate cookie.

3.  Flourless Peanut Butter Blossoms
Some cookie recipes can be made with only a few ingredients commonly kept in the kitchen. These gluten-free peanut butter cookies contain no flour or butter.  The chewy cookies are topped with a chocolate candy piece.

4.  Guilt-free Cookie Sticks
A lower-sugar cookie recipe was used to create these cookie sticks. The top of the cookies are drizzled with a small amount of white chocolate to add a hint of sweetness. Dip these cookie sticks into your beverages of choice - hot or warm.

5.  Chewy Chocolate Pretzel Cookies
A chewy chocolate sweetened cookie is filled with salty pretzels.  The perfect combination to satisfy a craving for both sweet and salty.  Not only is this cookie delicious, but also nearly fat-free and flour-free (with the exception of the pretzel).

What are your favorite cookie recipes?!

Your Family's Dietitian,

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  1. These look wonderful – love flour less versions of peanut-butter-blossoms ! I am certainly going to be making a batch of these for my daughter's birthday ! Thanks for sharing!



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