Monday, November 9, 2015

Up, Up & Away First Birthday Party

Check out this recap of the Up, Up and Away party we threw for Lil' Man's First Birthday!

A few weeks ago we celebrated Lil' Man's First Birthday!  I know - I can't believe it's already been one year since he was born.  Time flies when you are having fun!  The past year has been full of laughs, sleepless nights, and a some unexpected surprises - all of which I would never take back.

We decided to have a small little party for Lil' Man the weekend after his actual birthday.  We toyed around with several themes for the party before we settled on "Up, Up & Away". Originally I thought we would do a football themed party, but when I received a catalog from Oriental Trading an airplane theme appeared more appealing.

My plan was to throw a simple party, just put up a few decorations and serve some brunch offerings.  The end outcome of Lil' Man's party was somewhat in between. I certainly did more than I originally intended with the decorations and food, but there is always room to do more.


Thanks to the Oriental Trading catalog that arrived in the mailbox, planning the decorations for the party was simple. A few clicks and most of the decorations for the  "Up, Up & Away" party theme were ordered.  I did also purchase several of the decorations from Etsy and Party City.

The dining room table served as a display for most of the food (see below for more details on food) and party favors.  I again ordered the party favors (water bottles and whistles) from Oriental Trading.

I was all about flag banners for the birthday party. Behind the food table display, we made a banner that read "Happy Birthday".  I also created a flag banner with all of Lil Man's monthly pictures to hang over the fireplace.

Outside, in the backyard, we set up the high chair in preparation for the traditional smash cake shenanigans.  I made a healthier homemade smash cake for Lil Man to enjoy. Check out my post, Healthy Smash Cake for the recipe and to find out if he really "smashed" the cake.


We served a festive breakfast brunch! I tried to offer a somewhat health-conscious menu (well compared to the typical birthday party).  For the complete menu see below.

The Menu:
  • Quiche: Purchased from Maison Robert Fine Chocolates (not pictured)
  • Airplane shaped ham & cheese sandwiches
  • Fruit cups (strawberries and blueberries in small plastic cups)
  • Mini chicken and waffles bites (Mini waffles with chicken nuggets placed on top)
  • Baked donuts: Recipe from Sally's Baking Addiction
  • Cream cheese sausage balls: similar recipe at Just a Pinch (for some reason ours ended up looking like cookies)
  • Cupcakes (chocolate and vanilla): purchased from Publix 


I wasn't sure how many children would be in attendance, so I didn't go overboard with planning the games and activities.  While checking out Pinterest for party ideas I came across a small airplane made out of cardboard and fell in love.  Hubby did an excellent job recreating the cardboard airplane!  The children enjoyed sitting inside and taking pictures.

And what is a party without a photo station complete with props?!  All the families in attendance snapped a picture in front of the cloud backdrop.  To make the backdrop I covered two pieces of foam board with the cloud paper (that I ordered from Amazon).  The props were ordered from Oriental Trading.

At our couples baby shower, we played a "pin-the-tail" on the donkey type of game, and it was an absolute hit. For Lil' Man's shower, I purchased "Pin the Propeller on the Airplane".  Unfortunately, we ran out of time to play it at Lil Man's birthday party, which might have been fortunate to me as I was reminded by one of the children in attendance that I didn't have a prize available to the winner.  Will remember for next time!

And that my friends is how we celebrated Lil' Man's First Birthday!  Until next year...

Your Family's Dietitian,

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