Thursday, October 22, 2015

Jack O'Lantern Cheese Bites

Offer these nutrition packed Jack O'Lantern Cheese Bites to the kiddos and guests for a sugar-free Halloween treat

Halloween themed foods don't always have to be about sweet treats and calories galore.  Today's blog post featuring Jack O'Lantern Cheese Bites examples a perfect nutrient-packed (and sugar-free) recipe you can serve up the kiddos or guests this Halloween season.  These Halloween themed cheese bites are extremely simple to make (can even get the kiddos involved), and super eye appealing.

These are not the first healthier Halloween foods I have shared on the blog.  Check out some other healthier Halloween foods eats I have posted over the past few years:

In other news, we are only days away until Lil Man's first birthday!  The party planning is well underway and I can't wait to share the details (including a smash cake I have been working on).  What happened to the days when we had simple parties and Pinterest didn't exist?!  

Until then enjoy these festive (and protein packed) Jack O'Lantern Cheese Bites!

Your Family's Dietitian,
Jack O'Lantern Cheese Bites
by Kristen Smith
  • Thick sliced cheese, orange color
  • Cheese slices, yellow color
  • Tooth pics
  • Pumpkin Shaped Cookie Cutters
1. On a hard flat surface, place cookie cutter through slice of cheese (thicker slice) to form pumpkin shape
2. To cut facial pieces for jack o'lantern take yellow colored cheese and either use pre-shaped cookie cutters or cut out pieces individually with knife
3. Place cut-out facial pieces on desired location of pumpkin
4. Place tooth pic through the nose or center of jack o'lantern
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