Friday, August 14, 2015

10 Healthier After School Snacks

Show your kids that healthy eating can be fun and delicious at the same time with these creative after school snacks.
The temperatures may still be scorching, but the month of August means it is time for the kiddos to start planning for Back to School.  It's that season to pick out some new outfits, purchase school supplies, and decide whether to take or buy your lunch at school.  All of these are such important aspects of the Back to School preparation process right?!

Growing up one of my favorite events of the school day was actually after school.  I always anxiously awaited to find out what would be served up for after school snack.  During my less health conscious childhood era most of these snacks were loaded with sugar and void of nutritionally dense ingredients.  Well times have changed and most mammas are a bit more concerned with providing healthier after school snacks now.  I searched the blog archives and came up with 10 of my favorite kid-friendly healthier "After School Snack" recipes.  Healthy snacking can be fun!

1. Apple Peanut Butter Pops.  Move over Cake Pops a new healthier competitor has arrived.  Slice up apple slices and let the kiddos use smaller cookie cutters to form the slices into their favorite shapes.  Slide a popsicle stick in the end and decorate with nut butters, chocolate, nuts, granola, oatmeal, etc.

2.  Banana Chocolate Grahamwich. Skip the marshmallows and chocolate candy filled s'mores and try out these fruit filled sandwiches.  The creamy chocolate yogurt filling even provides added protein.

3.  Apple Peanut Butter Cut-Out SandwichesSpice up the traditional snack of apples and peanut butter with these creative fruit sandwiches.  Let the kiddos get involved by cutting out their favorite shapes.

4. Tropical Fruit Snack.  Create a colorful summer themed picture with a variety of snack items. This snack includes several different types of fruits plus whole grains. The kids have never been so excited about eating fruits.

5. Pineapple Fruit Pops with Chocolate Yogurt Dip.  Everything is more appealing on a stick right?  These naturally sweet and refreshing treats come with a yogurt based chocolate dip.  Decorate with your favorite whole grain cereal, mini chocolate chips, or sprinkles.

6. Red, White, and Blue Fruity Waffle Cups.  Most kids associate waffles cups with ice cream. The kids will be pleasantly surprised by this creamy fruit snack bowl that is made with whipped topping, Greek yogurt, and fruit.

7. Neapolitan Yogurt Pops.  Excite the children with this banana pop covered in three creamy flavors.  To lesson the mess serve it up frozen.  When served frozen the kiddos wont even realize they are eating a fruit covered in a protein-rich dairy product.
8.  Caramel Spice Fruit Dip.  Dips are a good way to entice the little ones into eating more fruits and veggies, but you want to make sure its not a high fat or sugary dip.  This fruit dip helps to keep the calories in check while offering an added nutrient of protein.

9. Homemade Popcorn.  An inexpensive fiber (that nutrient that helps to keep us full) loaded snack all ages can enjoy is homemade popcorn.  All you need is a microwave or popcorn maker.  Add a hint of flavor with fresh herbs, cinnamon, or parmesan cheese.

10. Fruity Fish Snack. In case the Tropical Fruit Snack was not enough food art fun, check out the super simple fruity fish snack.  A creative snack the kiddos can help create. 


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