Tuesday, December 16, 2014

ATLANTA PLUGGED IN Television Interview "Pantry Staples"

A few weeks ago I was offered the opportunity to tape (thank goodness not live) a television segment on "Must-Have Food and Beverage Staples to Survive the Holidays" on a local show, Atlanta Plugged In (on CBS46).  I never want to turn down the opportunity for a television interview because I always have a blast being interviewed and want to gain more experience in the media. My recent childbirth made me question if I was up for this at the present moment. Would I get sleep before the interview? Could I find clothing that actually fit?

I decided to give it a shot and the planning went underway.  It was a blast planning for the segment. First I had to decide on what pantry staples I would choose.  Here is what I chose:

1.  Whole Grain Crackers - Who doesn't attend a holiday party that doesn't have crackers?  It's important you choose crackers that are made with 100% whole grains. This can be verified by looking at the ingredients on the side panel and the first ingredient should say Whole Grain (will likely specify the exact grain).
2.  Canned Tomatoes - A versatile pantry staple packed with nutrients such a lycopene (an antioxidant that may help prevent certain cancers and heart disease).  Perfect to have on hand for a last minute dinner preparation or for appetizers.  Try to choose lower sodium or no added salt varieties.
3.  Lower Calorie Beverages - Having lower calorie options other than water will certainly please the guests over the holidays.  Vitamin Water Zero is a delicious option for those who want some flavor in their water. For the soda loves consider Coca-Cola mini cans or the new Coca-Cola Life (a reduced calorie cola).
4. Nuts - Pantry staples would not be complete without a protein source.  Nuts can be eaten alone, added to baked goods, mixed in salads, and much more.  In addition to protein, nuts are packed with heart healthy fats that may reduce the risk of hear disease.

The next step in planning was to go grocery shopping and pick up my props. The goal was to make my display resemble pantry shelves.  To find all the right props I had to hit up several grocery stores and Bed Bath and Beyond.  Once I picked up all my props I actually set it all up on my dining room table.  I wanted to make sure it looked perfect before I arrived at the studio and do a few run throughs.  You can't see the mirror on the wall to the right in which I used to practice.  I don't like to practice in front of my family or friends.

Looks the same as on television right?!

The big day arrived and I showed up the television studio well rested and ready to rock the segment.  This was my first television interview in which I would be standing AND using props.  Because this was a first I was a bit nervous about my body language and arm movements.

When I arrived I was greeted by the producers and was quickly introduced to the host, Annalee Penny, and the other crew.  All were very nice - they even greeted me with a bottle of water and coffee mug.  I went with the water.  Once I got my props all set up I ran to the green room to take a look at my appearance and we immediately started taping.  We took two takes and we were done!  I took a few pictures (forgot to take a picture of the table all set up) and I was out.  The whole experience happened so quickly.  I was in and out of the studio in under an hour!

The table where I set up props
The segment aired yesterday!  Fortunately I was able to preview the segment in advance and critique myself in advance.   They say you are always your worst critic.  I was satisfied with the way I spoke, but was a bit disappointed that my face was half covered by my hair.  Arghh!!  Lesson learned for (hopefully) next time!

To view the segment click here.  And I will leave you with a selfie I took in the studio!

Your families Dietitian,

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