Wednesday, December 10, 2014

10 Healthy Holiday Gifts for 2014

This holiday season there is no shortage of health themed gifts to give your family and friends. Whether you are trying to find something for your health conscious friend or trying to aid your family member into a healthier lifestyle you are sure to find something fitting.  In today's post I am going to share some of my favorite "healthy" gift ideas.

1.  Dessert BulletTM

The Dessert Bullet is my number ONE gift pick.  Its perfect for the ice-cream lover as it creates a lower calorie all natural frozen dessert in seconds.  All you have to do is put your favorite frozen treat - such as bananas or strawberries into the machine - and within seconds you have a smooth frozen treat.  The Dessert Bullet is very economically friendly at about fifty dollars.

2.   VeggettiTM

Over the past year I posted several recipes using vegetable spaghetti made with spiral slicer such as Chicken Spinach Spaghetti Squash and Garlic Beef Vegetable Pasta. The Veggetti is a much simpler option to a spiral slicer due to its compact size and easier storage option.  Hopefully the Veggetti will help to introduce even more people to the dramatically lower calorie pasta option using vegetables.

3.  Food Saver Vegetable Containers

So often times people throw away the unused portion of the vegetable or herb they are cooking with.  These adorable themed containers will help reduce waste and promote storage of the unused produce.   The food saver containers will be one of the most economically gifts of the holiday season.

4.  Chill Factor Slushy Maker
I am yet to find a low calorie IceeTM machine.  For all those Icee lovers who watch their calories the Slushy Maker is a perfect gift.  All you have to do is freeze the cup overnight and then pour your favorite low calorie drink into the cup - whether it be soda or juice.  After one minute of squeezing the cup you can have a slushy beverages of your choice.  The cup even comes with a cute plastic top resembling an IceeTM lid.

5.  LivligaTM Portion Controlled Plates
Sure there are tons of portion control plates available on the market.  One of the attractions of this specific portion control plate is the classic and simple design.  Many other portion controlled plates are too vibrant and boldly announce their purpose.  LivligaTM plates come in sets for the whole family to enjoy.  Even better they have a line, KidligaTM, designed for the kiddos.

6.  Herb Mill

Cutting herbs with a knife can be quite the task.  Someone can simplify the process with this inexpensive herb mill.  Place your favorite herb inside, then simply twist the handle for a few seconds.  The blades inside the herb mill will quickly mince the herbs.

7.  Herb Garden Kit
One of the easiest ways to save some calories during meal preparation is to substitute fat sources with flavorful herbs.  Growing a herb garden will allow the flavors to be available anytime.  Help your friends an family get started with an herb garden by giving them a starter kit.

8.  Rise App
Give the gift of a private nutritionist through a phone app or a "dietitian in your pocket".  The recipient will receive daily interaction and feedback with a registered dietitian to help them reach their health goal.  The interaction will be specialized to the clients needs.  Even better your friends and family can have me as their private dietitian at Rise by clicking here.

9.  Blue Apron Meal Delivery

Blue Apron is the perfect gift for the health conscious foodie who is not a good cook.  The step by step recipe instructions are accompanied by all the fresh and lower calorie ingredients.  Even the worst of the worst cooks will be able to follow the instructions provided.

10.  Mason Jar Measuring Cups

I just discovered this brilliant cooking charm yesterday.  I am always looking for certain measuring cups - well look no more. This adorable measuring option can sit on your kitchen counter permanently.  A perfect gift for the baker or blogger friend or family member.

I am looking over this list hoping some of my family and friends will get some ideas for me.  Hint hint!! So many great ideas you will be sure to find something for those family and friends that you are still trying to find the perfect gift for.

Happy Holidays!
Your families Dietitian,
Kristen Smith

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