Friday, November 14, 2014

Our Meals Since Baby Max Arrived - What to Feed New Parents

Being a new parent is A LOT of work.  As a new parent I spend most of the day on a constant rotation of feeding, changing diapers, and sleeping. This rotation leaves little time for meal preparation.  In fact I have had little time for meal intake period - sleep has been a priority.  Of course as a dietitian I know I need to eat, but my timing has been a bit crazy.

Fortunately we have been overwhelmed by the generosity of our friends and neighbors with meal deliveries. There is certainly a time and place for casseroles and after a new baby is a time.  For the past three weeks we have received a variety of casseroles (and a few meals that were not casseroles).  We really enjoyed trying all kinds of new casseroles and I wanted to share with you the recipes. Some were healthy and some were not (I plan on trying to recreate healthier versions of the not so healthy casseroles).

So here you go, a list of Casseroles to take to new parents: (click on the recipe title for link to recipe)
  • Quinoa, Grape, and Chicken Casserole : (pictured above).  By far the healthiest recipe we received.  A cold dish with quinoa, chicken, grapes, and sliced almonds.  I would have never put the ingredients together but the sweetness of the grapes helps to bring the flavors together.  
  • Chili Spaghetti Casserole: A creative twist on chili and exciting change from traditional italian inspired casseroles with a marina sauce base. Whole wheat pasta was used for the dish we received. 
  • Chicken Enchilada Rice Casserole: Other than the large content of rice, the recipe consists of lower calorie items. The basis of the casserole is refried beans, rice, and enchilada sauce.  Shredded chicken, cilantro, and cheese are also included in the Mexican inspired dish.
  • Angel Chicken Casserole: By far the least healthy dish we received, but absolutely delicious. The creamy pasta (rigatoni) and chicken dish was full of flavor from the dry white wine, cheese, and seasoning used to create the dish.  
  • Easy Rigatoni Casserole: You can never go wrong with a simple pasta bake. All you need is a marinara sauce, pasta, cheese, and basil. 
In addition to the casseroles we also received an oatmeal bake, chicken coconut curry, beef enchiladas, meat loaf, chili with salsa verde.  Again so thankful for all of this help!  Not only are we totally spoiled, but completely grateful that meal preparation has been one less thing we have had to think about.

Next time one of my friends or family members has a baby I will for sure try to reciprocate the kindness!

Your family's dietitian,
Kristen Smith

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