Monday, October 6, 2014

Showering Lil Man

Over the past month, two AMAZING baby showers were thrown for lil' man.  Both showers were an absolutely perfect combination of food and company!

I flew back to my homestate, Oklahoma, in late August (ok so more than a month) for a Saturday afternoon shower hosted by my aunt Susan, cousin Regan, and friend Jessica.  The golf themed shower included many of my family members and long time friends.  I was so grateful to see some of my family and friends that I had not seen in ages!  Look how cute the golf themed table set-up is above!! 

The hostesses served some of my favorite food items from the Oklahoma area.  The "golf club sandwiches" were a crepe sandwich I first discovered from Tropical Cafe (now Cafe Icon) back in college and have been addicted ever since.  Honestly I have never found another sandwich like it.  A slightly sweetened crepe is wrapped around deli meat, cheese, lettuce, and tomato. Sounds simple, but its absolutely delicious.

The "par-faits" were a blend of yogurt and cool-whip topped with summer inspired fruits (a combination of all of my favorite foods).  To recreate these delicious appetizers combine one cup of flavored or vanilla Greek yogurt with one cup of light cool whip and equally distribute the creamy mixture among small 3-5 ounce sized plastic cups.  Top with your favorite fruit (strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries pictured here.)

Dessert for the shower were my absolute favorite cookies from Eileen's Cookies.  The iced sugar cookies offer an addicting overly sweetened treat with a hint of almond flavor.  Many of the sugar cookies ordered for the shower were in a golf ball design.

Overall the food selections offered were quite healthy. The foods not pictured included pita chips, a veggie tray, and hummus.   The punch was made from ginger ale and grape juice.  "Water Hazard" was also served, which was ice water with lemon slices. 

Lil' Man Smith was showered and fed quite well at the Oklahoma event.  We received our first gifts from the baby registry, gained some adorable outfits, and enjoyed some delicious foods!

Shower #2 was a mustache-themed couples shower held in our own home.  My mom hosted the event on a Saturday evening.  Party planning is something I really enjoy, so I offered to help my mom out with the event. This really helped her out given she doesn't live locally.  From shopping for ingredients to discussing the menu we had a blast planning the shower together.  Given the time of the shower we decided to offer appetizers and dinner. For dinner we served up a taco bar from Willy's (not pictured).  Many of our neighbors and friends were in attendance for the event.   As you can see my belly grew a bit over the month time from shower #1 to shower #2.  Its amazing how much bigger the fetus can grow in a month!  

A shower planned by me could not go without sugar cookies.  The adorable "little man cookies" were designed by Tiffany at Not Your Average Cookie, an Atlanta based baker show specializes in custom sugar cookies.  As you can see she customized the delicious onsies and mustache shaped cookies for the shower.  

One of my absolute favorite cakes is a cake offered by Publix bakery.  You can not see from the picture, but the cake was marble flavored (chocolate and vanilla) and filled with an Oreo buttercream frosting. 

To help guests "wet your whiskers" sweet tea, water, beer, and wine were offered.  After all it was a Saturday evening during football season - alcohol and football watching were imperative to keep the guests entertained.

In addition to the taco bar a few other appetizers served included tortilla roll-ups, cheesy sausage toast, and yogurt parfaits (similar to the ones served for shower #1).  Given the taco bar we tried to somewhat keep a mexican food theme (yes the parfaits certainly fell short).

As a thank you for attending guests received "About to Pop" popcorn bags for party favors. Each small plastic bag was filled with Kettle corn popcorn. A few of the kiddos in attendance skipped the taco bar and enjoyed several bags during the shower!

The baby shower game was a pin the tail on the donkey themed game called "Pin the Moustache".  Guests of all ages attempted to place sticker mustaches on a younger picture of Mr. Smith.  I have to admit the game drew much more attention and participation than I expected.  

The party went late as guests continued to drink and watch football.  I guess the difference of a couples shower during football season......

Thank you to all of our family and friends who both hosted and attended our baby showers for Lil' Man Smith. As we expect him in a few short weeks we are more than thankful for all the gifts and words of wisdom you have provided to help us prepare for this new adventure in our lives.


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