Friday, April 19, 2013

Easy Marinated Grilled Pork Chops

Is pork really "the other white meat"?

For decades many have debated whether pork can be consumed as part of a low calorie diet plan like its rival chicken.  The important consideration during this debate is pork can come in many cuts and be prepared with many methods (cured vs. uncured) - bottom line they are not all created equal.  For a leaner cut of pork stick to tenderloin and loin chops and avoid cuts such as bacon and other cuts with excessive visible fat.  Generally cooked ham and deli meats do not fall into either category of high or low calorie and fall in between.

In regards to nutrition content pork is notably high in thiamin (vitamin B1) with significant amounts of riboflavin and potassium. As with most meat sources, pork contains a high amount of protein.  Cured forms of pork (ie ham and bacon) contain excessive amounts of sodium. Fatty cuts of pork can contain more saturated fat and cholesterol than most other forms of meat. In regards to calories leaner cuts are comparable to chicken.

Interesting the USDA does not consider pork a white meat - yet classifies it as a red meat.  Furthermore the slogan "the other white meat" was retired in March 2011.  Although several groups concur pork is "not the other white meat" we still think some cuts could be debatable. 

For our recipe we chose boneless lean cuts of pork (hardly any visible fat).  The homemade marinade adds a delicious flavor without contributing a large amount of calories or fat.  We made sure to choose a low sodium soy sauce to avoid high amounts of sodium. The pork chops are perfect for your next barbecue or family meal!

Your family's dietitian,Kristen Smith

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