Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Whole Grain Breakfast Cookie Cups

Recipes for cookie cups have been springing up on many food blogs lately.  Most of these recipes feature a frozen yogurt filling and are labeled as a sweet treat or dessert.  I wanted to change things up a bit...

To spice things up I traded the "dessert" labeled cookie cup for a breakfast cookie cup filled with Greek yogurt and topped with fresh fruit and granola.  The oatmeal, fiber cereal, and whole grain flour create a new healthy alternative to break up the routine of your current breakfast menu.  Did I mention the delicious flavor ALL of the ingredients provide?  The small amount of sweeteners coupled with the cinnamon create a delicious sweet flavor.  As with most of my recipes the fat content is reduced by using butter alternatives.

Many of the recipes for cookie cups suggest trying a method of flipping the cupcake pan upside down and placing the dough around the outer humps.  Of course I tried this idea, but had little success. The cooked cookie cup would not release from the pan (sorry forgot to take a picture).  I went back to the traditional use of a cupcake pan and place the liners inside the pans upright.  I learned through the creation of this recipe that you must press the dough as thin as possible into the cupcake liners. A few batches came out looking more like muffins.  In other words this recipe does take some patience!

For the not so patient readers I might suggest to skip the cupcake pans and simply roll the dough out and cut into strips to make breakfast cookie sticks as picture below. If you really want to include the yogurt, dip the cookie sticks into yogurt.

Do not get stuck eating the same old breakfast day after day!

Your family's dietitian,Kristen Smith


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