Sunday, March 10, 2013

Fun Snack Creation: Cheesy Spring Chick

Happy Spring Forward Daylight Savings Day!!

The name makes it sound like spring is here, but do not be deceived...

Spring will not arrive in the US until March 20!  This day is known as the vernal equinox because on this day you will notice an equal split of 12 hours of night and day each.  Who knew?!

This "Spring Cheese Chick" is a perfect fun snack creation to excite your family about Spring.  All you need is a few simple (and healthy ingredients) to spruce up the kiddos snacks.   I used the top of a cup to form the circle shapes in the bread and cheese, but you could also use a cookie cutter.  Shredded carrots are available for purchase, but I choose to cut the carrot sticks I already had in the fridge.  The beak will need to but cute from a carrot stick.  Once the carrots are cute the kids can help assemble this fun snack creation.

Here is another version...
Notice the pretzels on the head!

Ingredients needed:
2-3 small raw carrot sticks (or shredded carrots)
2 pieces of whole wheat bread (use circular object to cut into circles)
2 slices low fat cheese of choice
1 pretzel
1 Cheerio piece (cereal)
1 raisin (to be placed under cereal).

Your family's dietitian,Kristen Smith

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