Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pistachio Rice Krispie Treats

In case you missed it - yesterday was National Pistachio Day!  For a belated celebration try these Pistachio Rice Krispie Treats.  One day late is better than never!

My original intention for this recipe was actually to use a natural ingredient as a substitute for green food coloring in a rice krispie treat recipe. I had an epic fail at an attempt for green food coloring, but huge success for a delicious lower calorie treat.  The pistachios add a nice salt flavor in conjunction with the already sweet flavor provided from the marshmallows.  I will keep trying with the natural food coloring ingredient.  Hopefully I will have a better suggestion in an upcoming post.

In addition to adding a nutty and buttery flavor to the treats, pistachios offer nutritional benefits.  According to several studies pistachios can help improve cholesterol and provide many heart healthy benefits.  Pistachios are an excellent source of many vitamins and minerals including thiamine, vitamin B6, and phosphorus.  Additionally they provide an ample amount fiber - one ounce of pistachios will provide you with 3 grams of fiber.  Remember from previous posts fiber helps to provide prolonged satiety. As with most nuts, pistachios are a good source of protein.

Typical Rice Krispie Treat recipes are simple and quick to make.  The pistachios add an extra step to the preparation process.  I used traditional pistachios for the recipe, which took about an hour to prepare.  You may also consider using pistachio paste for the recipe.

Your family's dietitian,Kristen Smith

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