Sunday, February 3, 2013

Guilt-Free Vanilla Cookie Sticks

My inspiration for this recipe....

Some white chocolate cookie sticks I picked up during a trip to Germany.  The German cookie sticks are a  delicious higher calorie treat!  While my cookie stick recipe is in fact much different - the purchased product gave me the idea of a cookie stick with white chocolate.

To create a cookie stick completely covered in white chocolate as a lower calorie treat is a challenge - thus the drizzle it was.  I used my recipe for "Healthier Cut-Out Sugar Cookies" for the cookie stick.  Against my desire I went with a store purchased white chocolate to drizzle on the top of the cookie.  For a recipe to make the white chocolate check out this site. My first attempt to drizzle the chocolate with a spoon was not terribly successful.  My next attempt with a bakers plastic bottle (seen below) provided much more success.  If you do not have the plastic bottle another option would be to use a heavy duty ziplock bag (and cut the tip of one corner) or drizzle with a knife.

I have to admit I couldn't stop eating these tasty treats. The soft and chewy cookie is irresistible!  Although they are lower in calories respectively, the calories can still add up!  Be mindful!  Try to limit your intake to 1.5 servings (3 cookie sticks) for only 200 calories.

Kristen Smith, Registered Dietitian
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