Monday, February 18, 2013

Chocolate Yogurt & Banana Grahamwich

Happy President's Day!!

As you can probably notice we have been working away on changing our look a bit.  I thought it was time for a new logo and wanted to update some pics in the header.  Unfortunately I am one indecisive gal.  I think I have changed the header a thousand times and still am not satisfied. Do not be surprised if it changes again!

Today's post is a simple yet delicious recipe for all ages.   In essence a quick and easy snack for your family.  What is not to love about a snack with chocolate, bananas, and graham crackers with only 100 calories?!  It seems so many of my recipes have had yogurt lately....

The better news, the snack is so easy to prepare, even young children can help with the process.  After the yogurt is mixed and bananas are sliced your children can help complete the process.  Of note I did put the prepared grahamwiches in the freezer for about 15 minutes before serving to help firm up the yogurt.  Otherwise the snack can get a bit messy!

Your family's dietitian,Kristen Smith

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