Thursday, January 31, 2013

Low Fat "Cut-Out" Omelet in Toast

Tomorrow will mark the first day of February which is often referred to as "National Heart Month".  Although the month is typically filled with chocolate and valentines hearts, it is also a month to promote heart health.

Many nutrition experts agree on a diet low in fat, cholesterol, and salt to prevent heart disease and promote a healthier lifestyle.  A constant debate in the medical field is the correlation between the intake of egg yolks and high cholesterol in the blood.  For preventative measures many health care professionals recommend to limit egg intake to one whole egg per day.  Typically egg whites are consumed in place of egg yolks in those who are more health conscience.  One of my favorite tricks (and a trick I used for this recipe) is to combine both whole eggs (with yolk) and egg whites. 

This recipe is perfect for any breakfast occasion.  Although this recipe is pictured with a heart cut-out, any cookie cutter shape can be used.   Cutting the center out of the bread is a perfect stepto get young children involved and excited about cooking. Allow them to pick out their favorite shaped cookie cutter and push it through the bread.

Let your family choose the veggies they would like to be included in the recipe.  I used spinach, tomatoes, and onions; however there are so many other possibilities (ie. mushrooms, peppers, broccoli etc)!   A fun and creative breakfast to be healthy and hearty!

Happy National Heart Month!
Kristen Smith, Registered Dietitian

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