Thursday, December 27, 2012

Top Nutrition Trends of 2012

What would a year be without another fad diet, newly established food regulations, and the release of new products in the food and beverage industry?!  As the year 2012 comes to an end lets spend some time recapping the top nutrition trends of the year.

1.  Pinterest.  Pinterest was the hot social media site for 2012.  Although the site was launched in 2010, the virtual pin-board photo sharing site experienced exponential growth this year.  On Pinterest users are able to "pin", "re-pin", or "like" pictures (linked to blogs) from other users boards.  For the nutrition world this means another way to spread recipes - both healthy and unhealthy.

2.  Wheat Belly Diet.  From a nutritionist viewpoint this diet, is yet another fad diet that will go as quickly as it came.  However the diet created by Doctor William Davis has quite a following.  Doctor Willaim's claim is that whole-wheat grain has become unhealthy due to over usage and modification over time.  His diet plan eliminates wheat and suggests limited quantities of fruit, starch veggies, legumes, corn meal, corn starch, and dried fruits.

3.  Nectresse Sweetner.  The makers of Splenda (McNeil Nutritional LLC) added another no calorie sweetener to the market.   The appealing benefit of this sweetener is the all natural aspect.  Nectresse is made from monk fruit and other natural sweeteners.

4.  Soda Taxation.   One of the top health stories this summer and fall was the proposal (and approval) by the New York City mayor to ban the sale of sugar-sweetened beverages greater than 16 ounces in establishments that serve prepared foods.  While some agree with this proactive attempt to fight the rapidly increasing epidemic of obesity, many believe the restriction is a barrier to their rights.  The question remains unclear whether other cities will follow along.

5.  Menu Labeling.  The FDA proposed two menu labeling regulations to require restaurants and vending machines to provide the nutritional information on their menus. Restaurants effected include those with 20 or more locations, while businesses without the primary intent to sell food would be exempt from the regulation (ie. bowling alleys, airlines, and movie theaters).  Some fast foods vendors, including McDonalds have already implemented this policy.  The final date this policy will be mandated is still unavailable.

6. Raspberry Ketone diet pills. Leave it to Dr. Oz to promote a "fat burner in a bottle".  The basis of his claims are the pills can help your body burn fat quicker due to the regulation of adiponectin (a protein that can regulate metabolism). Unfortunately Dr. Oz, the scientific literature in humans is lacking to support this theory.  The only research available to date was performed in mice.

7. Chia seeds. Over the past 30 years you have likely seen a commercial or two for chia pets, "the pottery that grows".  Although in recent years chia pets have decreased in popularity, the past year chia as had a rise in popularity with chia seeds.  Recipes for cereals, cookies, yogurt, fruit drinks, and other various snacks with chia seeds are available in abundance.  According to the FDA chia seeds provide ample amounts of omega 3 fatty acids, fiber, and protein.

8.  Dr. Pepper to release 10 calorie drinks. This last trend will not take place until 2013, however the news was released a few weeks ago. Dr. Pepper has announced it will unveil several soda beverages with only 10 calories in 2013.  The 5 beverages you should expect to have lower calorie options include 7-up, Sunkist, Canada Dry, RC Cola, and A&W Root Beer.  The soda drinks will remain to contain the controversial ingredient, high-fructose corn syrup, along with sugar substitutes.

What do you think the nutrition trends and stories of 2013 will be?!

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