Tuesday, October 9, 2012

360 Product Spotlight "FNCE"

A lecture with Ellie Krieger and Barbara Rolls

This past weekend I attended the annual Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo (FNCE) in Philadelphia.  One of my favorite things to do at this conference is to visit the expo hall.  Hundreds of food companies are present at the expo showcasing both old and new products.  Which means tons and tons of FREE samples!!

While at the expo the hunt was on to find newly released products to share with my readers.  Below I  wanted to "spotlight" a few of the products I found.  Feel free to try out the products and let me know your thoughts!

1.  KIND Granola:

I had an instant love for KIND bars nearly three years ago while attending FNCE.  Well guess what?!  They now have granola!  It is always a struggle to find a granola product with less than 200 calories.  KIND has outdone themselves again creating a granola with only 130 calories and 5 grams of sugar per 1/3 cup.  The granola comes in 6 different flavors.

2.  Yasso frozen greek yogurt:
Prior to the conference I was not familiar with Yasso, but after one bite of this frozen treat I was sold.  The creamy consistency combined with fruity flavor provides a perfect treat for ONLY 70 calories.  As pictured three flavors are available (strawberry, blueberry, raspberry).

3.  Yoplait Greek 100 Calories:
Yoplait has joined the greek yogurt market with their newest product.  The difference between Yoplait and other greek yogurt companies is the calorie content.  Yoplait is the first company to offer a flavored greek yogurt for only 100 calories.  The 100 calorie greek yogurt comes in 3 flavors (vanilla, berry, and key lime).  I fell in love with the key lime flavor!

Honorable Mention Products:

1.  Nectresse No Calorie Sweetener:

As if there are not enough low calorie sweeteners on the market, the makers of Splenda (McNeil Nutritional LLC) have added yet another one.  My selling point for this new sweetener is the all natural aspect - natural sweeteners blended with monk fruit.  So many of the recent low calorie sweeteners have been created from the stevia plant extract - this is an original product that was not.

2. Blue Diamond Baked Nut Chips

I am always on the look-out for "healthier" (ie. baked) chips.  From the makers of Blue Diamond Almonds comes a chip made from almonds and brown rice.  One serving offers 14 chips and provides 130 calories.  My only hesitation to recommend this product is the lack of fiber - one serving only provides 1 g fiber.

Tell me some of your favorite new products!

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