Monday, September 24, 2012

Wholesome Ways to Cook With More Whole Grains

According to a recent study published in the Journal of Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics the daily average intake of fiber among Americans does not meet the national goals.  The researchers of the study found both males and females only consumed about 16 grams of fiber per day, while current recommended intake of fiber for adults is 25-38 grams per day.

Most people are familiar with at least some of the benefits of fiber.  In this particular study participants who were obese had a lower fiber intake.  This finding further reinforces the theory that fiber is beneficial for weight loss and satiety.  The digestion process of fiber is much longer than many other nutrients in food - therefore fiber has the potential to keep someone feeling satiated for a longer period of time.  Some other note worthy benefits of fiber include normalized bowel function, improved cholesterol levels, improved blood sugar levels, and possible reduced risk of colon cancer.

Whole grains are a great way to increase your fiber intake.  Here are some tips on how you can increase your whole grains while cooking and baking:

1.  Use high fiber cereal or ground flaxseed meal to replace bread crumbs when cooking poultry or other foods.
2.  Add 1/3 cup of quick oats to every 1 lb of ground turkey meat when making turkey burgers or turkey meatballs.
3.  Replace 1/3 of flour with quick oats when baking.
4.  Replace half of flour with whole wheat flour when baking.
5. Add quinoa, brown rice, barley, wheat berries, or whole grain couscous to your favorite soup or salad.

Are you meeting your daily fiber needs?!


  1. I created this recipe by tweaking one I already had. I added flax seed, substituted whole-wheat flour for some all-purpose,

  2. Some colon care clinics would give out sample recipes for high-fiber diet. Bread is an excellent source of fiber, indeed.

  3. We used to take rice as our source of Carbs, but ever since my mom has undergone a colon irrigation in Melbourne, we changed to whole grain bread instead, because it's more fiber-rich and it has more benefits than rice (as I have read, so far). It's one drastic change of eating habits, but it's totally worth it.

  4. Thank you for those tips! Fiber is all I need to regularly clean my colon. It's hard to move, knowing that you have that dirty load inside you. Having a clean colon and being literally clean inside can give you a light feeling. I've read lots of facts about it from a good online pharmacy site!

  5. Whole wheat is like oats. It cleans our digestive system. The chances of colon cancer will definitely decrease. We should include this in our daily food intake to be healthier.

  6. More fiber equals better health and a way to cleanse ones digestive system. Adding these modifications to one's diet is simple enough and no need to change one's diet.

  7. No wonder we feel more bloated than ever. It's definitely high time that the American diet took in a little more fiber again, to deal with this problem.



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