Friday, August 3, 2012

Food Art - Flower Style

Happy Friday! 

Upon initial glance at this picture you were probably thinking this looks like an elementary child's art project.  Well you would be incorrect - this is a snack you can provide your family.  Get excited about fruits and vegetables!

Whether it is for a party or an effort to increase your child's fruit and veggie intake, food art is a fun way to present food.  In a previous post "Apple BP Cut Out Sandwiches"  I discussed how food presentation can affect a person's desire to consume a food.  Creating a food art dish is an example of how to excite and include your child in meal preparation.

Today's creation includes: shredded carrots, American cheese, cucumbers, lettuce leaves, celery, and natural creamy peanut butter.  The best part of this snack is the inclusion of both vegetable and protein food sources.

What can you create?!

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