Saturday, May 5, 2012

Guacamole - Happy Cinco de Mayo!

From tacos to margaritas Cinco de Mayo (May 5) is full of Mexican-inspired recipes for many Americans.  I wanted to share my favorite healthy recipe to serve for your Cinco de Mayo party or share with your family.  As expected the primary ingredient of the recipe is my favorite food - the avocado.  I borrowed this recipe from my father, who is known for making delicious guacamole.
As with any food item - moderation is key.  About 2 ounces of guacamole provides approximately 120 calories.  If the guacamole is going to be used as a dip trying serving with a relish tray or baked chips.

Guacamole Recipe

3 ripe large avocados (or 4 smaller) 
Juice of one lime or lemon
1 tablespoons chopped fresh cilantro
1/2 large tomato chopped
1/4 chopped white onion (or more if you like onion)

1 clove of garlicDash of salt

1. Cut avocados lengthwise and scoop out the avocado. Mash avocados in a small bowl, but try to leave them a little chunky.
2. Stir the remaining ingredients into the mashed avocado.
3. Serve immediately.  

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!



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