Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Meet my favorite fruit - The Avocado

Let me introduce you to my favorite fruit, the avocado.  I will warn you in advance many of the upcoming recipes will include avocado.  What is not to love about the creamy, yet nutritious fruit?!  Yep, that is right, avocados are fruit!

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Why are avocados so nutritious?
Avocados are packed with many vitamins and minerals - including B-complex vitamins, vitamin E, and vitamin K.  Avocados are the only fruit to be loaded with both mono- and poly-unsaturated fats.  Many studies have found that both mono- and poly-unsaturated fats have several heart healthy benefits such as the ability to lower the "bad" LDL cholesterol.  Lastly, avocados contain fiber (fiber helps to keep you feeling full) and antioxidants (antioxidants aid with inflammation).

What about the fat in avocados?
Approximately 75% of the calories in avocados come from fat.  However, the fat is considered to be a "good" fat - meaning portion control is key.  A portion size for an avocado is approximately 1 oz (or 1/5 of a medium avocado) and contains 50 calories.  When consumed in moderation (not exceeding two portions) avocados can be part of a healthy diet.

How can I include avocados in my families diet?
Avocados can be included in your diet in an endless number of ways.  A few of my favorites ways to include them are: as a dip (especially guacamole), cut up in my salad, sliced up on my sandwich, or sliced on top of an omelet.




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