Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Happy National Pancake Day 2015!

Happy National Pancake Day 2015!

If you have ever eaten brunch out with me you know I love pancakes! Since I don't typically eat brunch outside of the house more than once a week I allow myself this higher calorie treat on occasion.  However if I desire pancakes more frequently I prepare them myself using healthier preparation techniques.  Today I am going to share with you some of my favorite recipes!

1.  Low Fat Whole Wheat Pancakes (I like to add a few dark chocolate chips to these)


Sunday, February 22, 2015

A Year Ago Today

Hello Friends!!

I believe a new hashtag has been created.  #TB1Y = Throw Back One Year!

What did you do on February 22, 2014?  Typically I wouldn't remember what I did a year ago, unless it was a memorable day.  A year ago today was a Saturday.  I remember it was a particularly warm day for February in Atlanta, so we jumped on the opportunity to go for a run outside. When we got back from the run it was time to get ready for dinner with our friends.  I do not remember what inspired me to do this, but before I got ready I decided to take a pregnancy test and....


Soooo many emotions immediately poured through my head.  Feelings of excitement, nervousness, and the unknown were present.  The last pregnancy test I had taken was approximately 4 months prior when I experienced a very early miscarriage.  During this first pregnancy I actually had signs of the miscarriage before I knew I was pregnant. While the experience was devastating, there were a few positive outcomes.  My body was able to conceive a child.  I did not have false hope about the pregnancy and carry the baby for a significant period of time.  On February 22, 2014 I had no signs of a miscarriage.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Zucchini Noodle Chicken Parmesan Casserole

A healthy casserole makeover on the traditional Chicken Parmesan recipe using vegetable noodles.

Without a doubt we have a new family favorite people!

Over the past year I made several dishes by substituting traditional pasta with zucchini spiralized in the shape of pasta (check out Garlic Beef Vegetable Pasta).  A few devices are available to form elongated vegetables into spiral pasta shapes.  I currently use a vegetable slicer purchased from Amazon, but want to try out the Veggetti in the near future.  Using my vegetable slicer I am able to create "vegetable pasta" in minutes.  

One of the benefits when substituting zucchini noodles for traditional pasta is the significant calorie reduction.  To put it in perspective two ounces of uncooked pasta is nearly 200 calories, while a cup of zucchini is only 20 calories. Compared to pasta, zucchini also contains fewer carbohydrates (one cup of zucchini contains only 3.5 grams of carbohydrates) and more fiber.  

I never know how the family will approve of new recipe creation.  Well this recipe certainly passed the test!  In fact they had a hard time controlling their portion sizes, which can take away from the benefit of a healthier choice.  The blend of several cheese, marina sauce, seasonings, and bread crumbs are a delicious combination you can't go wrong with.  Even the biggest pasta lovers will fall for this recipe.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Our Introduction of Formula - Not an Easy One

It happened, my breastfed baby got formula.  And I freaked out.

I knew the time was coming for Baby Max to sample some formula, but I was just not ready.  As a registered dietitian, "Breast is Best" has been deeply driven in my head.  Honestly I did not even have a plan beyond breastfeeding.  No back up plan.  Nothing.

He was first given formula two weeks ago at preschool (aka daycare).  Max's teachers asked me to send one more bottle (in addition to the three we were already packing) with him because he was getting hungry towards the end of the day.   At first I tried to figure out how this 4th bottle could be expressed breast milk, but it was just not possible.  I was already breastfeeding or pumping every three hours.  I decided to take a risk and pack a ready-to-drink bottle of formula we received from the hospital in his diaper bag, hoping that I could pick him up in time before he would need the "extra" bottle.  Well my idea didn't go as planned - a few day after packing the emergency extra bottle his teachers gave it to him.

At first I was terribly distraught over the idea of giving him formula.  Would it decrease my milk supply?  Would he not want to nurse anymore?  Would he tolerate the formula? So many questions were running through my head.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Vegan One Minute Chocolate Muffin

Amazing vegan muffins that can be prepared and baked in a matter of minutes!

A few months ago I attended the annual Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo.  You can read about my time there here.  During the few days I spent several hours in the expo hall - and let me tell you they put together one heck of an event.  There are hundreds of vendors present, offering information and samples on their various products.  Since the conference was local I took full advantage and might have picked up a few samples.

One of the samples I picked up were these nifty microwaveable muffin makers from Kellogg's. The muffin makers came with a recipe to make whole grain muffins, but I wanted to make something with chocolate (that was healthy of course).  Over the past few weeks I have been experimenting with some different microwaveable chocolate muffin recipe creations.  Unfortunately they were all epic fails.

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