Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Following My Sweet Cravings Through NYC

About a month ago I decided a trip to New York City (the city where I lived for most of my twenties) was a must before the baby arrives.  I booked a trip for two weeks later and started scheduling brunch, lunch, and dinner with some friends I hadn't seen in a while!  Unfortunately the day of the trip I started feeling like a major head cold was coming on and questioned whether I should still head to the big Apple, as I expected all I needed was a break from work and a flight to NYC to start feeling better.

**Warning: This post contains many unhealthy foods (but all foods in moderation right?!). Whats a pregnant girl to do but follow her sweet cravings through NYC?!

First stop...Chelsea Market!  I was headed over to the Meatpacking district to meet up with some old co-workers at Dos Caminos and had a few minutes to spare.  I stopped off at my favorite bakeries Fat Witch Brownies and Amy's Bread.

Challah Bread and a cinnamon bun from Amy's Bread and an assortment of brownies from Fat Which
Next stop was dinner with the the ladies from my old job and then off to bed!  Not before snapping a few pictures of the Empire State Building!

Dinner at Dos Caminos
On Saturday morning I woke up to go meet some friends for brunch at the Breslin in the Ace Hotel. Brunch was delicious, but the portion sizes were a bit small.  Small portions meant this pregnant woman would be hungry in the near future and looking for some type of food establishment.   And that is just what I did.  After brunch I headed towards Rockefeller Center and walked by the Today Show studios and hit up Bouchon Bakery (absolutely love the restaurant in Vegas).

Bouchon Bakery

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Roasted Corn Spinach Salad

Will I ever have time to blog as frequently as I once was able to?

Since pregnancy life as been different in many regards. When pregnancy first arrived I was so nauseous there was no consideration of spending time in the kitchen to create recipes or look at food pictures.  Once that improved my "day job" picked up and has left me with very little personal time.  The personal time I do have I try to spend getting prepared for the upcoming arrival of a baby.  There is so much to do - read books to figure out what to do with a baby, prepare the nursery, figure out what products we need, and more!  And with the baby coming who knows what time I will have to spend my on my beloved hobby and passion, the blog!  Guess we will see....

About a month ago we took a five day trip down to Panama City, Florida to spend some time on the beach with our family.  My husband's aunt brought along Roasted Corn Avocado Dip and I instantly feel in love.   While we were there I decided to throw the "dip" on a salad.  After one bite I knew it was my new "go to" lunch of choice!  The dip already had my favorite ingredients  - avocados and cucumbers.  

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Creamy Strawberry Basil Salad

The past month has been quite busy!  We are on the countdown to the baby arriving and trying to take advantage of these last few child free months by traveling.  I have been to Oklahoma (to visit family), Florida (gulf side), and New York City.  In an upcoming post I am plan to share a bit more about my quick trip to New York City.

One evening while I was in New York City I met some girlfriends for dinner at Otto Pizzeria near Union Square. For dessert we all shared a dessert made with olive oil gelato, passionfruit granita, strawberries, and lime curd. While it was certainly an interesting blend of flavors, the combination was delicious.  I have never had anything like it!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Healthier Puppy Chow

This past week we were on vacation in Panama City Florida. We enjoyed 5 beautiful days with my husbands parents and extended family.  It was my first time to Panama City and was pleasantly surprised by the beautiful white beaches and lovely neighborhoods. 
We stayed in an adorable neighborhood called Carillon beach.  It was equipped with its own pools, beach front access, stores, restaurants, and parks.  The houses in the neighborhood were absolutely beautiful! Our whole family shared a 4 bedroom house that was only a few minutes walk to the beach.  

Overall we enjoyed good company, good food, and a relaxing few days away from reality!!  I am ready to go back!  

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